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The most unfulfilled manifesto in history?

The most unfulfilled manifesto in history?

If the proposals tabled by Greece at yesterday’s Brussels summit are anything to go by, Syriza will have to make so many u-turns on its election promises that its 2015 manifesto may go down as the most unfulfilled in modern political history.

On that basis, I’ve decided to start annotating the manifesto, known as the Thessaloniki Programme, to keep track of which promises have been fulfilled, which ones forgotten and which ones completely obliterated as Greece attempts to stay within the eurozone. I’ve used Genius, and, since I’m only a beginner on Greek domestic politics, would welcome any help you can offer. So if you have an opinion or information on which of these policies has or hasn’t been fulfilled, please go to the relevant page at Genius.com and add your own annotations. They should show up here as well.



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