Moving to Substack

Moving to Substack

Thank you for being a subscriber to this somewhat infrequent and random blog. This is a quick message to let you know a couple of things. The first is that I now have a UK publication date for my forthcoming book, Material World: June 15. Woo-hoo! Feel free to pre-order it here.

The second is that for the coming year or so I’m going to move most if not all of my blogging to a new Substack newsletter associated with the book.

I hope this is ok. It makes a little more sense to have all my book-related content in one place, though I should say the content will in practice be a continuation of the kinds of things I was up to previously here. Expect many more posts on energy, economics, data and what is, I hope, a slightly unusual bottom-up perspective on the modern world. All completely free, save for the repeated hints that you really ought to buy my book.

Very excited to share more with you on the Material World in the coming months.