Welcome to The Real Economy

Hello, I’m Ed Conway, Economics Editor of Sky News, and this is my website.

This is where you’ll find my blog, with many articles about economics, politics and more or less anything. There’s also information about my books and if you’re solely interested in some of the graphics and charts I produce you can find them here – though I also tend to post a lot of them onto Twitter.


This is also a place I post the DJ mixes I’ve made over recent years (and occasionally still do). You can even listen to the music while you browse: click on the Mixcloud widget that’ll come up on the left hand side of the screen once you move beyond this page. The music will stop when you click from page to page but if you’re logged into Mixcloud then when you press play again it should pick up where you were before. If you’re on a phone or tablet the widget may not work, but you can always go to the music page.

I hope you enjoy the site; feel free to leave comments in the relevant boxes, and join in the conversation on Twitter as well.

Oh, and did I mention I have a new book out? I’m quite proud of it. Go on – buy a copy… for yourself, and for every member of your extended family. I promise they’ll like it!