Ode 2 Joy

Ode 2 Joy

You have to hand it to the poor old euro. Always somehow capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. There could hardly have been a more unpropitious time for the single currency, or indeed the broader European project.

It is with that in mind, along with the European mindset of fraternite, that this latest mix was put together. (Almost) every track on this mix has some kind of relevance to Europe and the European Union, and the one or two that don’t… well they’re just so good they couldn’t be left out.

So here it is: your new European anthem. It starts slow, emerging out of the gloom and misery, much like, well the EU; after more than an hour of bounciness (with the occasional interlude of contemplation) it ends back in the gloom again. A bit like Europe.

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1. Harmonie – Oxia (FRA)
2. Everyday – Adana Twins (GER)
3. If You Only Knew  – Finnebassen (NOR, label: UK)
4. Phantom Galacton – Midnight Savari
5. 83 – Hey Today! (GER, label: FRA)
6. Alley Cat – Volta Bureau (US, erm but samples “Year of the Cat” by Al Stewart, UK)
7. Caramellas (Joakim Remix) – Aeroplane (BEL, FRA)
8. I Like It (Attar! Remix) – Adamski (BEL)
9. Sunny Day  – Fabian Argomedo (Label: UK)
10: Falling Star – Kris Menace (GER)
11. New For U – Andrés (US, but, well, his name has an accent)
12. Sadness – Steffi (GER)
13. Let It Go – Huxley (UK)
14. Badabing (Diskjokke Remix) – Martin Brodin (SWE/NOR)
15. So Will Be Now… (feat. Pional) – John Talabot (ESP)
16. Another Station (Todd Terje Remix) – Lindstrøm (NOR)
17. Limit To Your Love (Daniel Bortz Edit) – James Blake (UK/GER)
18. Time – Pachanga Boys (GER)
19. Black Water – Apparat (GER)