How to understand economics - 50 Economics Ideas

How to understand economics - 50 Economics Ideas

That’s right: it’s a plug for my guide to economics. Yes, I know, rather brazen, but then I’m told (and I promise you I’m not making this up) some people have allegedly found it useful in understanding this apparently complicated subject. Don’t take my word for it: check out the reviews on Amazon (clearly you should ignore any below 4 stars).

The book is available in hardback, paperback (with an updated preface, as of August 2012) and even Kindle. It’s also available online for other ereaders and for ibooks. Simply search for my name, or the title, 50 Economics Ideas (you really need to know), and you’ll find it there.


Anyway, here’s the sales pitch: What is different about this book? Unlike the mass of books produced in the wake of the financial crisis, this book is not merely a guide to what happens in economies when something goes wrong. It is the ultimate primer to teach you everything you need to know about how the economy works, whether times are good and bad.

Over the course of 50 snappy chapters, it tackles everything from the basics of economics, and how supply and demand work, to the complex issues facing the modern world. What are credit crunches and why do they happen? Why does globalisation matter? Can man afford to allow the environment to suffer?

50 Economics Ideas is published by Quercus

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