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  1. I very much looked forward to your interview snapshot with the chancellor today on Sky News. I was very disappointed that you had to sink so low and bring up the matter of 1st class travel and the question if the chancellor had felt the impact of the recession. A) the travel question was irrevelant as the difference was paid and the whole story was blown out of proportion, same thing happened to me and nobody took anby notice. B) whether the recession was felt by George Osborne was stupid, we know he is rich, however, I bet you have not felt much of it either nor anyone in employment at Sky.
    it was a cheap shot and not worthy of you. I always valued your comments, however, now you are just the same attention seeking journalist as the ones on the cheap papers. Very disappointed, it did not become you and you looked distincly uncomfortable. Stick to the real issues.

  2. Ed, I understand you’re through with Apple. Many people have misgivings, but what’s the serious alternative? It’s not about one flavor or another, one price or another. It’s about quality and trust. Windows is low-quality and untrustworthy. Remember the NSA backdoor in Windows 98? Remember the suspicious connections that Vista made to Halliburton and DoD servers? (Google it.) Remember the huge malware problems with Android? There is need for an alternative to both Mac and Windows, but good options are few.

  3. Mr. Edmund Conway, hello from Spain!

    I am a Spanish primary school teacher.

    Some days ago I bought your book “50 ideas you really need to know_economics”. I bought it in English to practice it. I must say it is an interesting book. It is very usuful and its contents are easy understandable for people like me.

    I congratulate you!

    Ana María Herrero Cardo

  4. Ed, your report on a Nation Divided on Sky showed people’s views of Brexit over next 12 months. Surely you should be asking about the next 12 years plus!

  5. Ed
    All the economic forecasts for the economy seem to suggest that the pound will stay at current levels. The oecd ppp ratios show the pound being undervalued by 10 to 15 % . Many curency dealers expect the pound to strengthen once brexit becomes clearer so inflation forecasts are likely to be wrong again ?

  6. Hi Ed,

    In all seriousness, have you ever thought about running for office. The country is clearly lacking some kind of new energy, with brand new ideas and a relatable personality. May will steady the ship during Brexit negotiations, but I’m presuming that she will be removed by her own party pretty soon after. It needn’t be so bleak.

    All the best,


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