Five sure-fire ways to solve the fiscal cliff

America is about to plummet off the fiscal cliff. In fact, by the time you read this it might already be on the way down. And all because those pesky politicians couldn’t agree on how to cut the deficit. The problem is that even if the Republicans and Democrats established precisely how much they wanted to cut from the country’s borrowing, they can’t make up their minds how much of that … Continue Reading ››

Backlash Britain: who will fall victim in 2013?

This is typically the time of year when newspaper columnists are asked for their predictions for the coming year. However, I’d like to frame the question in a different way: which establishment/authority figure will face a backlash in the coming year? We are living in the age of the backlash. Perhaps it’s down to economics – the paucity of growth, the lack of opportunity for many, the gulf in incomes and … Continue Reading ››