Unequal world: enormous gulf in incomes between countries and regions

Brilliant graphic from the OECD showing the disparity in disposable incomes between different regions. As you can see, disposable incomes in the richest region of Paris (Ile de France) are roughly in line with the lowest-paid region of the United States.

UPDATE (13:45): As a number of you have pointed out on Twitter, the disparity between European and non-European countries in the graphic above has to be set against the fact that most European states have welfare systems which are more generous than those in place in the US and elsewhere.

2 thoughts on “Unequal world: enormous gulf in incomes between countries and regions”

  1. Do they take into account, items such as healthcare cost? This could make a difference to the US figures. Also do you expect these figures to be similar year on year?

  2. Does this chart take into account the cost of living? For instance, for $30K salary (a mean income in Massachussetts), one can afford to live in a studio basement apartment in Boston, while for the same income one might be able to rent a house in Ohio.

    I suppose this point makes it worse for London, which is about twice as expensive as Boston. Unless those numbers are normalized to living expenses.

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