Dear Apple, I’m leaving you

There follows a letter to Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple:

Dear Tim,

There’s no easy way to put this so I’ll just come right out with it. I’m leaving you. It’s been great (mostly) but it’s over.

I figured the least I could do is to explain my decision in full – I like to think it might help protect you from nasty break-ups like this in the future.

I’ve been with you, with Apple I mean, for 13 years now – ever since 1999. Perhaps you’ve forgotten: I was a spotty teenager; I bought one of your cute little translucent iBooks. Slowly but surely I painted most parts of my technological life a bright shade of Apple. Let’s see: I’ve owned two iMacs, a number of iBooks, countless Macbooks (I’ve currently got two on the go, for some unknown reason), an iPhone for almost five years, an iPad since the very beginning; iPods, iPod touches, iPod nanos – I’ve had ’em all. I even invested in an Apple TV and, wait for it, a G4 Power Mac Cube (yes, that was me!).

I’ll admit I became dependent on you – clingy, even. When I went to the States a couple of years back I shelled out hundreds of dollars to ensure I wouldn’t be without an iPhone – even though I was back at college and wasn’t exactly rolling in it. And like so many of those who fall in love with you, soon enough I found myself working part-time as your best PR spokesman: I spent hours persuading all my friends to buy your stuff. I even wrote a blog about what made Apple such a dynamic, innovative and successful company.

Like millions of others, I really believed the hype.

I never thought I would utter these words, but here goes: I’m leaving you. I have already traded in my iPhone for a Samsung.

Now, this is the point where I know I’m expected to say: “it’s not you, it’s me,” but I can’t, because the truth is: “it’s not me, it’s you”. Now, I know you don’t like lists (at least I presume that’s why you avoided including a task application in Mac OS and iOS for so many years) but it’s only right that I run through the issues:

1. iOS 6

Yes, I know I’m hardly the first to mention this – but that doesn’t make it any less valid as a complaint. It is truly, truly awful. I’m usually ready to forgive one or two niggles in a new iteration of operating system. After all, they’re usually outweighed by the improvements. In this case, I honestly can’t think of a single new feature that in any way enhances the phone. Every change you’ve made is negative.

The maps application is utterly horrendous; you must have known this is among the most commonly-used of all functional parts of a smartphone and that to change it quite so substantially would be seriously disruptive. Yes, I know you’ve magnanimously urged users to use alternatives, but the problem is that even if I try to use Google maps on your safari browser (it hardly ever works on Safari but let’s leave that for the time being), I can’t avoid the fact that crappy iOS maps are integrated into every other geographically-reliant app I have.*

I know you’re a pragmatic fellow: I suspect you might even give future users the option to change this. But the fact is that’s not the only disconcertingly disastrous issue with iOS. Take iTunes Match. In the previous iOS I could download any individual song in my iTunes Match library, so I could listen to it overseas without data or when in the Tube. Now your dreadful new operating system will only let me download whole albums and then won’t let me delete them afterwards, so my iPhone gets clogged up with stuff before arbitrarily deleting precious chunks of data when it reaches capacity.

It’s as if you think I should never have had the right to have chosen what songs to have, and to delete, on my own iPhone in the first place. Which I find a little controlling, to tell you the truth. As do I find the fact that you now seem to have decided to allow the iOS to decide unilaterally to use the telephone network rather than wifi when it so chooses. Given how badly you screwed up with the whole secret GPS-tracking of iPhone users, I’d have thought you realised we don’t like it when you behave creepily like this. It’s seriously not cool, but then more on that later.

All the new, exciting apps you’ve brought in are, I’m afraid to say, rubbish. Podcasts: dismal and buggy. Facebook integration: should have been there years ago. Passbook: erm – seriously? Siri’s improvements are lost on me because, like most users, the only time I’ve engaged with Siri is to see how many swear words he/she/it understands (answer: a surprising number).

Finally, for some reason iOS also seems to have broken the tilt-scrolling in Instapaper, which I resent because, well, I just use that app a lot.

2. You’ve lost it

Yes, I realise that’s going to sound harsh. But there’s no point in sugaring the pill.

I’ll be specific: for most of our relationship, there were two things I could rely on from Apple. The first was that your products would work far better than PCs. Windows PCs would get viruses, they would be difficult to fix, they would break down and leave you tearing your hair out. The second thing is that although you weren’t necessarily the most innovative company out there, you would just do it right. You weren’t the first company to make a smartphone (Nokia Communicator, anyone?) but you were the first to do it well. The same goes for mp3 players, for tablet computers, for family photo software, for media management (for the first half of iTunes’s life). You were never about innovation, but you were damn good at execution and flair.

Not any more. This is going to sound awful, but I can’t think of any big product you’ve re-imagined well since the iPad, and that was almost three years ago. iCloud? Not as good as dropbox, and actually more confusing. FaceTime? Slick, but still pales in comparison with Skype. iMessages? Mostly annoying, particularly when it sends messages twice. Siri? See the previous point. Safari? Not as good as Chrome or Firefox. Safari’s Reader function? Not as good as Instapaper. I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

Plus, my Mac simply doesn’t work that well any more. The contacts on my iPhone don’t seem to sync very well with my laptop. Aperture is extraordinarily slow and buggy, Pages and Numbers are a bit of a nonsense. It just feels like you don’t make the best software anymore. And it doesn’t fit together as seamlessly as in the past.

3. You’re not cool anymore

Again, this is probably a body blow, but it’s also true. It’s not merely that I now have to put up with your products being used by my mother. The fact is that Apple used to be edgy; it used to be associated with the counterculture; it used to be rebellious. I liked that. I liked the fact that you were uncompromising. When you introduced the iMac you ditched the serial ports and insisted everyone had to make do with USB ports, despite the fact there was approximately one printer in the world which worked with USB. You were the first to ditch disc drives and DVD drives. I’m not alone but I liked the way you refused to put Flash on your devices. Plus I liked the fact that unlike Google and pretty much every other big company you and your fellow execs would never go to navel-gazing networking conferences like the World Economic Forum in Davos. There was something cool about that attitude.

These days, you’re all too ready to compromise. Do you want to know the beginning of the end of our relationship? It was when you decided to include an SD slot in your MacBooks. Why? I can’t imagine the Apple of old ever doing this; there is no inherent reason why you need one in your laptop, save to compromise. And in compromising, you’ve become too complex. I remember the first iMac: it was the first computer you didn’t really need an instruction manual for. When iOS came out I found myself having to download the manual and wade through its 156 pages (156, FFS Tim!) to find out what you’d done with the settings I used to use. That’s the first time I’ve ever had to use an Apple instruction manual.

Apple used to be about purity, which in turn made its products simpler and more reliable; somewhere along the way, this got lost. Or rather, Apple under Steve Jobs used to be about purity: when he wasn’t at the helm in the 90s, it also made the kind of compromises I’m talking about here.

And then there’s your advertising. You were the company which came up with the best advert in history.

These days your ads are not merely awful and patronising – they are palpably worse than the competition.

Finally, there’s that legal letter you sent to Samsung when you failed, churlishly, to get their tablets banned. I challenge anyone to read that and not conclude you’re bitter, chippy and, frankly, a little unpleasant.

In short, you are so not cool.

4. You’re screwing us

You might be surprised to learn that the final straw for me wasn’t the maps debacle. It wasn’t iOS 6. It wasn’t even the fact that you’re not cool anymore. I’m not cool anymore so I probably shouldn’t really expect better from you.

No: the final straw was when you decided to replace the dock on the bottom of all your iPhones and iPads with the new “lightening dock”. I’ve heard your explanations: that it’ll allow your devices to be thinner, that it’s a faster connector and all that. I don’t buy it. The main reason you did this is the main reason you seem to be bringing your products out in ever shorter product cycles: planned obsolescence. You’re aware that the more frequently something is out-of-date, the more often we’ll have to buy more Apple stuff. Now, I was willing to put up with that when it felt as if there was genuinely progress between iterations, when there was a shed of aspiration about it, but by the time you unveiled the lightening connector I wasn’t so sure. All it means is that I have to throw out all the devices I’ve bought over the past years which plug into my iPhone: adaptors, radios, speakers and so on. It’s a really low-down thing to do – particularly since the lightening connector is patently not that much faster than the existing dock.

Anyway, I guess you could say it was a Eureka moment. Finally, I realised that you’ve been working your way here for years: the fact that you give up supporting old Macs far quicker than before; that you won’t let us download and delete our own music from your cloud. You realise there isn’t much money long-term in being a pure manufacturer. You want to turn yourself into a quasi-service, where we constantly need to buy or subscribe to one of your products. I see the point – it’s economic genius. The problem is that it’s not inspiring in the slightest; and the products are no longer wowing us enough to detract from the venality of it. And I’m just tired and, worse, bored of it.

5. I don’t need you any more

That’s right. I’ve realised – and it’s been a revelation – that I could get on perfectly fine without you. A couple of years ago when I moved to the States I couldn’t envisage a day without my iPhone. But today it strikes me I might be just as happy with one of your rivals. How do I know? Well… the truth is, I haven’t been entirely honest with you. I did spend a few months with someone else last year. Don’t be mad: I was between iPhones and I filled the lonely miserable gap with an HTC Android phone. And while I tried to ignore it at the time, the fact is, it was actually pretty good. Yes, there were niggles and a few annoyances, but we got along surprisingly well. And I’ll get on pretty well with it again, because the fact is, Tim: I’m leaving you for an Android. I can get everything I need from a phone from them as well. My email, my messages, maps that work, my contacts (they’re stored with Google anyway and that integrates far better into an Android phone); Evernote, Instapaper, Whatsapp, my tube timetables and bus times. I’ll probably ditch iTunes Match in favour of Amazon Cloud Player or Google Drive, and, frankly, good riddance after the way you’ve treated us mobile users of the service. I’ll miss some of the apps, I’m sure – Reeder to name just one. I’ll miss the hundreds of text messages sitting on my iPhone. I’ll miss… Actually, I can’t think of anything else right now.

I’ll hang onto my iPad for the time being. I’ll certainly keep the Macbook Air – I’m not quite ready to return to Windows yet. But right now, for the first time since I started buying computers, I’m no longer absolutely certain that the next piece of technology I’ll buy will automatically have your logo on the back.

Don’t take it personally. Well, do, if it helps inspire you to make better and bolder products. This need not be forever. You can still win me back: but you’ll need to do something special again, like you did in the good old days. Reinvent the TV, like you reinvented the phone. Revolutionise finance. Overhaul the home entirely. Think Different – as your predecessor Steve Jobs used to say. Perhaps the problem is you’re not the same person any more. You’re not Steve. Perhaps.

Either way, I’m tired of settling for mediocrity from you these days.


Yours affectionately,


* Though I admit some – some – of the 3D maps of cities are seriously cool. But prettiness is not enough to compensate me for the times you’ve got me lost.

172 thoughts on “Dear Apple, I’m leaving you”

  1. Steve Jobs used to say that “Focus Is About Saying No”. I believe Jobs would have said No to iOS6 Maps, and probably to many of the other “features” you mentioned. I guess that when the CEO is great at saying No, the rest of the company can concentrate on inventing new stuff, confident that the ideas will get stopped if they aren’t ready yet; however, once you remove that CEO, you need another mechanism for stopping premature releases of products. I’m not sure Apple will be able to develop this alternative mechanism, so I think they should sack Tim Cook and replace him with a perfectionist who knows how to say No.

    1. Jobs would have said yes to ios 6 Maps. Apple needed to cut with Google.

      and it was not the first move.

      Maybe Jobs would have beat harder his own employees ?

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  2. Fanstastic, if I could string a sentence together, let alone several, I would have written the same letter. Instead I sort of accidentally bought a souped up 11 inch macbook air. Yes, I love it. But the phone is going, and it’s going because I was thrust into the arms of Google by Mail, and that was the beginning of the end.

  3. Not sure where to start in regards to your blog? Lets start with some easy one’s. Firstly, saying you left a apple product for a samsung/htc is incredible to me. Samsung/htc products at best are poor quality, made of plastic and mimic apple all the time. This is not just my opinion but the opinion of most tech bloggers. Lets go point by point.
    1. IOS 6: I would have to agree this iteration did not produce any substantial new improvements or tweaks I would have liked to see. Being a avid Jailbreaker apple should look to that community to see some very cool tweaks. The maps I have to agree was not great, but I would say the issues are overblown and I personally like the vector mapping of maps compared to Google which needs to reload every time you want to zoom in our out. Obviously apple did not think IOS 6 was it’s greatest achievement, hence removal of Forstall.
    2. You’ve lost it??? Please tell me one thing Samsung , Microsoft or any other big tech company has created in the last 10 years that would even come close to apple. They not only created 1 major product (iPod) but many!!! Just see where Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface land, my bet not very well. Also If you think Samsung will show us innovation then you will wait a long time, I found it hilarious that Apple releases Iphone 5 and Samsung releases a 4 inch Galaxy S3! Really!!!

    3. Well the cool part is what the media creates in regards to apple products. But it does ring true that owning apple products did bring some coolness to your possessions. I guess the Ipad Mini will flop then ?

    4. I am not sure how changing a peripheral in 12 years is screwing anyone. If anything I applaud Apple for trying to keep it relevant and not having everyone change every few years.

    5. And good luck with Android, I to have dabbled with Android for a few months as I love Tech, and it’s a complete mess to me. I truly feel Window’s metro offers more and is a nicer interface then Apple and Android. But to compare the fragmented reality of Android with it’s abundance of Malware and issues to IOS is really lacking insight. If Apple did not create the Iphone we would be still tapping away on our plastic keys and using BBM, Oh I forgot who????

    1. 1. iOS 6 was, and still is, a major embarrassment for Apple. There’s no point having 3D this or vector that, if a navigation application can’t navigate you where you want to go. Both Nokia and Google maps are infinitely more useful than Apple maps, and Apple are a long, long way behind. What’s more, they chose this for their users as they had up to a year left on their Google deal so they had time to get things right, but instead cut their nose off to spite their face. You’re very quick to buy into Apple’s mantra that everyone copies them…so what about browser tab syncing, panorama mode and over-the-air updates? Hell, previous iOS version have seen Notifications blatantly ripped from Android. Apple copies too, and have been copying a lot more, recently.

      2. Apple have never created a new product. Desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and mp3 players all existed before Apple. Apple has done brilliantly to introduce products into each of those categories that have ‘shaken up the market’ and encouraged other manufacturers to come up with new stuff themselves, but don’t start re-writing history by saying Apple invented everything. Ed’s point is that it’s a long time since Apple did anything to ‘shake the market up’, and he’s right.

      Samsung, having previously had 4/4.3″ devices, released another 4″ phone, Apple released a brand new 7″ tablet into a product group they’ve never had before and their previous CEO refused to even acknowledge existed. Who’s really copying who here?

      3. Being cool is all about what the media says is cool? You really think that? Wow.

      4. Ed’s point was that there was no reason to. It’s change, for the sake of forced sales. Yes, it’s had a long run which is good but I’m not about to praise Apple for *not* being shit and changing the connector every couple of years, and I am going to give them stick for changing it for the sake of it and then charging a ridiculous $30 for an adapter.

      5. If fragmentation is such a problem for you, buy a Nexus and get your software updates quickly and with the same jailbreak/rootable possibilities. There’s another word for fragmentation that I really like, it’s called “choice”. I might want my smartphone to have a 4.7-5.5 inch screen. I might be desperate for NFC. I might have to have a phone that has a 3000mah+ or removable battery. With Android, and Windows Phone, I can. With Apple, you can’t, and what’s worse…all the advertising is telling me that I’m wrong for wanting it. The condescension is unbelievable.

      What Ed’s realising is that as an Apple customer, you must follow what is dictated. Up until now, he was happy to put up with that. Now, he’s looking over the fence and seeing a whole lot of green and not enough reasons to believe that Apple is actually better. I applaud him for giving Android a go, more people should, but that’s not to say it’s for everyone. Some people will prefer Windows Phone, some will go back to iOS, but to simply refuse to entertain the idea that there could be something better, that other companies can innovate, and that other users have a right to prefer alternatives? That’s just being an iSheep.

      I don’t believe you’ve seriously tried Android. Most people I talk to who trot out that line, upon digging a bit, borrowed a 12 month old HTC or cheapo Samsung and started hating on it because it was slow, didn’t have the latest version of Android etc. Buy an unlocked Galaxy S3 (so you don’t have to wait for carrier updates), or grab a Nexus 4. Then you can try the Android Jelly Bean notification system. Try widgets and customisable home screens, try Google Maps and Navigation. Try swapping contact cards, pictures and videos instantly via NFC. Give Google Now a couple of weeks and see how much time it saves you even searching for something. Try Google music and the matching service. Try Photo Sphere, and realise that Panorama was so last year. Try the new gesture-based keyboard. Try offline dictation. Try Google Voice Search vs Siri. I think you get the point.

    2. you are a joke and a blind one at that.. where do you think all your precious apple chips come from. yes samsung how good is apple at multi cant do anything without itunes ..siri what a joke youve obviously never tried google now it makes siri look like an abacus, the truth is love is blind apple has stood still and is not even in the top four best selling phones anymore and with the new nexus 10 and other tablets soon to be released i fear ipad is going the same way. apple fans are tired of being ripped off for inferior junk …the king is dead

    3. I’ve been apple since 1985 but Note2 is so superior to any Iphone you are right you can’t compare it. I can’t live with out my Macbook pro but after 3 weeks with the Note2 i gave my Iphone away. and you are right again the Iphone is good for those that don’t know any better and are happy with a 2nd rate phone. I hate to say this because i love apple but in my life an work the Iphone just can’t cut it anymore it really is substandard. i can’t be bothered to wait for Iphone 10 to come out so i can get the same standard now i have on the Note2

    4. Where to start:
      Every single person I know that has bought an apple phones has at one stage or another had it held together with glad wrap because the screen broke, because apple phones use glass which is a lot more brittle than plastic. All the smartphones are made in China, and there is virtually no difference in quality control between them.
      Ok, so from what I understand you jail broke your apple stuff? Well the fact that you had to vastly modify the phone in such a dramatic way should put an end to the argument. But for your sake I’ll tell you this; apple is against any and all forms of modifying changing or doing anything to your phone that does not go by them and make them money, they will go through all available avenues at their disposal to make sure you can’t jailbreak your phone.

      Microsoft created windows 7, better than anything apple has done OS wise. End of argument.

      Yes, ipad mini / ipod large will be a major flop, particularly since the sheep have started thinking for themselves

      Recent research into petrol stations have concluded that the pump diameter is too small, so all petrol stations in the country will be replaced with new larger pumps that will not fit into the standard car. But it’s ok because all new cars will now be made to accommodate the larger, faster flow, pumps, so everyone is going to need to buy new cars. This probably won’t apply to you because I’d imagine a person such as yourself does not have the capacity, not the will, to drive.

      While android does have a lot of bugs due to third party software. I’d much rather third party software that has even a remote chance of working, rather than not having any option at all. Also, by jail braking, you are effectively allowing your phone access all the third party “unofficial” software, exactly how android lets you. Only difference is you don’t have to jail brake an android phone to get access to everything.

      You are the cancer and EVERYTHING that is wrong in this world, and shame to Croatian people everywhere.

      Please keep spending your money on apple so we may continue to laugh at your cost.

  4. And then you get your iPhone 5. YAHOO!! Party time!! And since you already have all these other Apple items, you also buy the lightning-to-30-pin connector and you you only have to bring one cable to connect to charge or whatever.

    But wait.. crap!! When your phone is fitted with a protective cover (like most people do), the bloody connector won’t fit in your iPhone!! The lighning thingy is not long enough to fit all the way into your iPhone!! So WTF can I use it for?

  5. Really good post, sir!
    Now, an HTC phone (using Sense) might not be the very best Android OS experience for you. Samsung’s TouchWiz and stock Android on the Nexus phones might be preferable for you. Right now, the S3 is probably the best Android phone out there (and soon Nexus 4 if LTE is not a deal breaker for you). However, Samsung screws with their customers too. Nexus phones tend to get updates for a longer time, if that is what you are into :)

    Good luck with jumping the ship.
    All the best,

  6. The most idiotic egocentric self focused claptrap I’ve ever wasted my time reading.
    What’s it like going though life under the delusion that the whole world revolves around you?

    1. Seriously? A guy calling himself “the dude” accuses someone else of being egocentric? LOL

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    1. I agree with the author and am also moving away from Apple (to Linux), but I still have to say your comment shows a level of ignorance I have rarely witnessed. No one was ‘taken in by the hype’, things have changed at Apple and long time users feel burned by this and are moving on. Probably you are not intelligent enough to understand this.

    2. I couldn’t agree more. I was a bit shocked reading all through the article about how he’s finally had a Eureka moment. I was thinking “intelligent people had the Eureka moment somewhere around 2007. Maybe earlier if they’d been exposed to iTunes before.

    3. I have to agree, i never did race out and get an iphone, i waited and bought a htc legend then a galaxy note. Recently i had to help someone on an iphone, what the! I said how do you use this toy like thing it was a joke! Im glad i waited

  7. Bizarre. Your points are valid I guess – maps, iTunes Match. Not with you at all on Lightning: it’s a pain to have to switch, but it is so obviously superior – and almost ten years is a long time for a hardware interface. More generally, this is a lengthy and self-indulgent rant against tiny problems. Had Apple deleted all your data (qv Amazon, Google) I’d be sharing your pain. If the iPhone 5 were bigger and heavier than the iPhone 4S, I might be with you. If they decided that email would be in different apps depending on who provided it (hello, Android), maybe you’d have a point. Even on the connector, why not embrace the streaming that Apple is acknowledging is inevitable? First Google result is this:
    Might be rubbish; there are others. Not only is this far from a tragedy, isn’t this _better_?

  8. What a load of crap – good luck in the Windows / Android world. I expect to see you back in the next 6-12 months.

    Seriously – who gives a shit.

    1. He’ll probably end up on Linux; it has the same roots as Mac and has a certain je nais se qua.

  9. Don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out. And don’t think you’re leaving with that MacBook.

    I moved to Apple from Windows just 2 years ago with the launch of the iPad. So I have a lot more recent experience with the alternatives. And so, I read with some interest your comments – until I realized the truth – you’re just a flake, like those Tea Party types who long for an America that never was.

    Have fun with the chaos – and the nut cases – who waste their time railing against Apple.

    1. You have been using the Mac for 2 years? you cannot possibly relate to where long tine Mac users are coming from. Sorry you dont get it.
      Over all there are some valid gripes. The one that Gets me is Apple wants all the money now and is into screwing the consumer. Like MacBook Pro with Retina display that is 3 times the amount to repair with proprietary parts. People spill on their machines. Top case that has battery permanently glued in? Really!
      Yes Apple is still better than the others but the others are starting to catch up.
      The Apple store employees are not as sharp as they used to be and I hate going into the stores now.
      The IPhone 5 is amazing piece of hardware but really glass on everything?
      biggest scam of all!
      Yes apple has become the opposite of the 1984 commercial?
      No Apple has always been this way but they have more money and the ability to carry out their objectives.
      Cliches and little new things to back them up.
      Just tired of the things like installing a third party app. I need their permission?
      iMac making it thinner? Really the damm thing sits on your desk. All about making their products throwaway.
      Apple figures it has a large enough market share and it wants more and more money.
      Sorry Apple you are screwing with my lively hood as I fix your machines for a living and in 1 to 2 years you will shut down my industry and the consumer will be the loser. Cause there won’t be the choice of getting there products repaired competively. Thre will be no choice.
      Well I don’t regret the ride it has been great! Right now your creativity is not there. I guess we want Apple crack back and less control.
      Not the screw you we get all the marbles attitude.
      Thanks for reading. I have used a Mac since 1988.

  10. How can Apple be cool when its target is the masses of technically incompetent consumers and fashion victims? Seriously!? Being cool is about freedom of choice and differentiation.. none of which characterises the Apple ecosystem… Steve Jobs knew all too well most people are bozos that need to be led. Unfortunately Apple seems to be suffering from a terminal cancer named contempt for the stupid masses… the spiritual side of Steve Jobs is no longer there to prevent this cancer from taking over…

    1. Although I understand all these complaints I have to tell you I absolutely love every Apple product we own. And I am no techi. Maybe he, like many of us, just don’t like change. Somethings are frustrating,for instance, I have a box with 22 charger cords in it. I think the world would be happy if we could buy one charger for each and every type of phone made. But then you wouldn’t make as much money. Apple never seem to be about the almighty dollar. That’s what made it stand out. But that’s just the way I see it. Good luck sir from a dyed in the wool, Apple fan .

  11. So you’re not really leaving Apple at all. You’re just dropping your iPhone for an Android handset but keeping an iPad and MacBook Air.

  12. I was just thinking to myself the other day a good chunk of your argument.
    Im done with Apple for now myself. They have lost touch with being innovative, while Google and MS have managed to fly right past them.

    Not to mention their Apple app store staff is a cross between pompous, irrational and overall unhelpful at addressing download issues. It took me weeks to get the last issue sorted out when a purchase I made wouldnt download.

    The assigned cs agent essentially rotated a series of scripted useless emails which i would guess is effective at shutting down customers. In the end it took 3-4 weeks after they admitted to their error. All this over a $5 purchase. Affer spending hundreds of dollars on apps. Goodbye and good riddance.

  13. Good article! I like your writing style and most of your points are valid. I am using Macs for 13 years now and I understand your frustration very well. I miss being the only guy in the office with a MacBook Pro. I miss being different. I was in a meeting this week, where almost everyone had an Apple product on the table, and they were bashing on the only PC guy. I respect everyone’s choice also when someone shows me their latest Android, I am happy for them. If it works for you, good!

    About the lightning adapter I had the same initial feeling. Just a few months before I ordered a car with one of the best iPhone integration, which is now rendered almost useless with my iPhone 5. Luckily I can still use bluetooth for a part, but the rest of the car integration is broken (like albums being displayed, application integration). Furthermore it renders the dock from my sound-bar useless, my Magellan car kit, but that is also due to the bigger size of course. On the other hand I understand that at one point in time they had to update the dock connector. But at least they could have added a free adapter to make the switching a bit less painful. It is ugly to see after all the money I have spend in this company and the mountains of cash they are sitting on. They gave free bumpers before…

    One of my friends was recently telling how great the Nexus 7 was, and even after the introduction of the iPad mini I could not disprove his arguments. Apple could ask premium prices when they were alone in the market with a good smartphone or touch pad. Now that the competition has matured and the crisis is hurting everyone, consumers are looking at alternatives and find out that they are also good. Good enough for the money they can only spend once.

    The iPad mini 16GB WIFI could be a nice size for GPS navigation, but the GPS chip is only in the cellular model which starts at 459 Euro in my country which is 367 GBP / 591 Dollars. The Nexus 7 is updated to 32GB plus GPS chip for only 250 Euro. Stop holding out key features in entry models! In the keynote Apple is emphasising that Android tablet apps are blow-up smartphone apps, even if this is true, they will only become better over time, like the hardware of the competition did. By the way, the keynote was a boring summary of technical specifications instead of innovation (why sometimes they love to talk about specs while in other cases they don’t publish even processor speed).

    LTE is not even deployed in my country, they are making us wanting things that are not even supported. Look at the list of unavailable features of Maps and Siri (I wrote a long article about it, just google for “Read this before buying the iPhone 5 – Limitations visualized”). We have come to a point where we can do much longer with our hardware. My iPad one is still in use and will stay so until it breaks. My iPhone 4S was super and could have lived with me another 5 years. I am typing this on a MacBook Pro from 2009, which is still very usable after the SSD upgrade and still supported by ML. Probably not anymore by the next cat.

    Can anyone tell me how this, save…, duplicate…, save as… works now? Since they are forcing us to change the way we save our documents, I have never lost so much work. Maybe it is just me, that I cannot get used to it anymore. My brother works in a graphic design company and they don’t even think about upgrading, breaks too much workflow. Instead of putting new touch and swipe features in the OS, first make sure that it is fully controllable with the keyboard like Windows always has been. Why should I have to click on the Cancel, Rename or whatever dialog button. Sometimes it accepts the initial character and mostly not (in combination with the cmd-key). Drives me crazy! Fix this please! Give me my scrollbars back and don’t let them fade out. Some apps don’t work anymore like this correctly, for instance when I do a scroll up with 2 fingers in Forklift, it switches to other directories instead, and I am forced to scroll to see the bar. AAArgh! Why is the default save option suddenly the cloud? Stop forcing me to the cloud. I have lost already important documents in the cloud before (ok it was with Google docs), but anyway. The cloud is not error proof. If you don’t believe me, all the Cloud SQL Server database servers of Microsoft were down Feb 29 this year because of the leap year bug. I took a screenshot of their monitoring page with all the servers down, just in case some manager starts talking about cloud crap.

    Apple should reinvent itself being a cool company again, being the biggest is not cool. Maybe they should drop some products, drop features instead of adding and shrink the company. Stop opening new stores every month, one day they are on a for-sale list anyway. What is the point of being the biggest if it was not for shareholder’s greed. Buy stocks back, donate part of the money to poor people, start production plants in the US (the loss can be paid from the big profit margin per product easily) and get focused again but most importantly, make us feel different again!

    And can someone tickle Jon Ive ‘Jony’ when he is in one of the next videos so we can see his smile?

    1. “I miss being the only guy in the office with a MacBook Pro. I miss being different.”

      Tells everyone everything they need to know about Apple consumers.

      Way to live your life.

  14. 1st sorry per my english my language is portuguese, this is my post in apple forum, in one POST ABOUT POOR QUALITY of APPLE HDMI Output, this post have at this moment more than 26k views.

    The apple now is a reflection of TIM and not more than JOBS, i read today in business news website one interesting letter to TIM from Ed Conway.

    Read and you’ll understanding new apple, i see here in this forum post about HDMI poor quality start in Feb, we stay in November. Apple offer me other mac mini “like a gift” to try fix my anger. I told the agent what apple going to help me give up another new mini has no dedicated video card and are not intended to vjay still unable to work and losing a lot of money and shows.

    All my softwares and quartz composer material, matrox and other stuff just works with MACOS, my show just works in macos (ok ok now i know i never will doing this again) if i change my plataform to WIN8 i´ll need redesign all show and will lost 4 months to do everything again, more money, more people to pay, more gigs thats we´ll need refound money.

    According to Brazilian Law 8087 of the Code of Consumer Protection of 11 September 1990, Article 12, 18 – An addiction Product has 30 days to fix if it exceeds this period the customer can:

    A) cash back

    B) Get other similar brand new

    C) If dont have get similar other than the model purchased, even if it is more expensive.

    Taking into account the economic power of the two sides according to Article 12 the consumer can not take damage, and may still requires damages caused.

    Becouse apple change all new mini to intel HD4000 shared memory this plataform MINI doesnt work to video projection the next products thats have nvidia or amd video card and DDR5 video memory are Imac (i belive thats this crash easy in a concert stage) and retina 15.
    After 30 days thats APPLE dont fix my mini, Law 8.087 said thats after this i have RIGHTS to request a BRAND NEW MOST SIMILAR THAN MINE BRAND NEW MINI, thats now is RETINA or NEW IMAC.

    I write one email to person in apple thats stay talk with me about my problem to notify my decision, the interesting is thats apple said you have this person and this email to talk with us no one normal mail addres, but all time when i WRITE EMAIL they call me never write nothing (if they write email its becomes evidence in court, they just call).

    How retina will help me ? 2 thunderbolts this will be my video output thunderbolt > displayport i need using today HDMI and Display port, HDMI I PLUG IN THIS SCREEN and DPPORT in LED WALLS or My matrox2go, or matrox triplehead2go displayport

    But my friends i lesson from apple WE DONT HAVE IDEA WHEN AND IF WILL FIX IT.


    This is the new apple

  15. Wow, Ed. That’s a long, careful, detailed, comprehensive, full, complete, thorough, exhaustive, all-inclusive, elaborate, minute, intricate, explicit, specific, precise, exact, accurate, meticulous, painstaking, itemized, blow-by-blow breakup. Hope you don’t do that with all of your relationships, not much time for anything else. Umm, First World Problems? See you back soon, but keep the whining down next time… just do it.

  16. I’m sorry Ed but this doesn’t sound like a rational goodbye letter . You’re not even a little convinced that your new girlfriend Android is half as good. This letter sounds like your lover cheated on you and then beat you, so you HAD to leave her, but you’re surreptitiously asking her to please come back and forgive you.

  17. My idea of a “cool” Apple ended a few seconds after sitting in front of a Mac: mixed files and folder, without a system option to organize it properly, and the impossibility to do a very basic thing (in Win) as inverting the mouse pointer. Never thought of it as “simple” or “intuitive”, just expensive and nice design. Sure, it work great, the problem is that opening files is the basis of your work and it’s just kind of stupid. No offense to those that like it. Good for you. But you should agree that having the options should be better than not having them and just saying “in Mac it’s like this”. As for the phones, I still use the stupid type.

  18. I read this thinking I was gonna be enlighten to something new and offered a better option, as I too live in an Apple-centric world. I must say I just wasted my time.

    Good Luck Ed, I see that all your complaints just come from a person who obviously bored. You going on this nitpicking spree of little things such as Ads, and not offering new innovation – both are debatable and opinions at best, but you just never offer better alternatives. My favorite part of this letter is the last few paragraphs – which I’m sure is going be Apple’s also – you admit to keeping your iPad and Macbook Air which are by far and beyond the most innovative and most copied items in the tech world today. I guess I’ll leave it at that.

  19. It’s pretty interesting to read this break up letter from an apple fanboi. You can see how delusional they are and why they actually choose to buy apple crap. To these people it’s not just a phone or computer. The apple product is their identity in society. Umm, Ick.

  20. Seriously. What was the point of this ‘letter’? It reads like a jilted lover writing a break-up letter.

    Good luck with Android. You might reconsider iOS or Windows Phone after one of the cornucopia of malware hits you.

    (Oh, and is it just me, or is there a delicious irony in complaining about the lack of a “big product you’ve re-imagined well since the iPad” and then moving to Samsung. When is the last time they re-imagined anything?)

  21. Great – I have left apple for similar reasons 1 year ago and Feeling well.

    In the good old days the men wearing Jumpers while other wearing suites using Macintosh Computer. Mac user were seen as cool – experts – different.

    Today all apple products are produced for Business men wearing suites and old Ladys with limited technical know how.

  22. I started to work in LOB apps with a Mac back 1992 with 4th Dimension databases:
    I’ve seen Apple decline when it started to OEM their macintosh hardware and kicked Steve Jobs ass, and Intel was a big enemy.

    With Jobs, Apple got back on track and the products got great. In the last year there were just too many pitfalls in everything released by Apple. Here is another example:

    I really hope that Apple gets back on track. BTW, Windows 8 Apps look great…

  23. I don’t want to be COOL !!! I DO NOT WANT to be EDGY !

    I don’t WANT to be rebellious (only if the gvt is a tyrant hurting people, then I will join the rebellion and Princess Leia)

    I do not want a geeky tool

    I do not want to buy a computer to make a point but only to use it as a TOOL.

    It’s why I buy Apple devices, because they are useful, simple and quality. NOTHING else, even If I liked to read Steve Jobs’ opinion since 80s when I was a kid.

    Part 2 of your rant:

    That part is really weird. I don’t understand the points against FaceTime, safari or others. There are not like the others, okaaay..

    Facetime has not the global appeal of Skype, of course, but else ? Facetime works nicely.

    Chrome is Safari is Chrome is Webkit. I don’t care about tiny details in interface, Safari has icloud support in all macs and ios.

    3. is also very unfair. I never read a « manual » to iOS.
    And how old are you ? 12 ? Your mother is not edgy enough so apple is soft and boring ?

    My family uses some apple devices too, and so what ? it’s because they are simple and efficient to use, with good support. It’s exactly why I used them too. I’m not edgy, neither hip or cool or trendy or whatever you want to be. I’m me. Theses devices are tools, are computers, not fashion.

    4. You are just getting old.

    I don’t see why only now you realize all of that. It was true with usb over adb, or dvi over adc. Maybe you were too young there.

    Dock was there for 10 years, _10_! If we can do better, we should embrace it. You can use adaptors for your devices.

    Really, here you sounds like an old people. And don’t think it’s a bad thing or I make a fool of you. In time you will understand all of theses things are only computers and it’s a good thing you realize it now.

    5. You do sound as a geek. For example : « between iPhones ». How can you “between phones” ? It’s was so long before the yearly update or the mostly 2/3 years to see reinvention of the design ?

    You seem to need change, to have new stuff, to have novelty, to be entertained.

    In fact Apple is old news for you, and it’s a normal thing, it seems you use apple’s products for years. It’s a good thing for a young person to grow from stuff.

    But it’s not about the computers, it’s about YOU.

    1. «Facetime has not the global appeal of Skype, of course, but else ? Facetime works nicely.»
      Lets see.. you are forgetting that Skype can be used in all platforms and Facetime it’s only a Apple thing..

      People need to realize that world isn’t only Mac, iPhone, whatever… when people change platforms like this guy did, lots of is friends will change too. Apple uses “too closed platforms” to invite people in, or they make something cool or they have to change they “politics”.

      Just use for a day or two an Android or Windows Phone to see the difference, you really need to wake up from that dream.

  24. Soon you will say the same thing to google as you realize that Windows and their ecosystem is by far the best and coolest. It’s only a matter of time.

  25. someone said

    “2. Apple have never created a new product.”

    well, Apple created with Kodak the Digital Camera.

    and we could speak about Quicktime and Hypercard for hours.

    If Apple never created a new product, then what could we say about Google and Samsung ?

    Google even did not invented the Web Search !

    what is the point ?

    You are speaking about coolness, philosophy or whatever your fancy is now : it’s geekness.

    There are only one truth : Ios 6 Maps is a regression to Google Maps. The data are not as good than Google’s one.

  26. Wow. This guy is such a dumb, annoying ranter. He picks out a couple truly small things that he doesn’t like for whatever reason and whines about how it’s not perfect. I can’t believe anyone would want to listen to him. I’m not a huge apple fan myself, but this even pissed me off. Like he complained that the new MacBooks added an SD card. Seriously?? What the hell is wrong with ADDING a feature on their laptops? And it sounds to me like he’s just being pissy about apple changing their dock connector to lighting because he had accessories for the old one. It’s been 9 years since they came out with that, are they never allowed to upgrade? I’m an android and windows user and even I think everything about this article is completely unreasonable.

  27. I feel dumber for having read this drivel. Here’s a hint, if you are going to criticize something know what you are talking about. This screed is full of misinformation and outright falsehoods.

  28. I am also a long time Mac user and I completely agree. In fact I am thinking about switching as well. I am extremely pissed by ios 6, release of ipad mini etc. seems like apple is now chasing after market that creating a market. Once I found my “new love” I will move on straight away. It might be a hybrid mode Mac + android + whatever. But no windows for me. Windows 8 just sucks.

  29. today in my problem with apple case 346141665 in apple support apple of course just call me and said we just will give you other mini, i told you and apple understanding thats this is brake the law 8.087 of september 11 of 1990 Brazilian Consumer Protection, art. 12 and 18 ? Apple said: YES but this we analyze all and this is our final position.
    My Fellowcraft´s appl belive thats are over the law, here this LAW 8.087 makes carriers dont sell mobile phones per months, dsl company dont sell per YEAR at fix all. My intention is moving one petition public prosecutor of CONSUMER PROTECTION OFFICE in SOUTH OF BRAZIL where he prohibits the sale of Apple products with HDMI output to solving customer problems.

  30. I have been with Mac since the Apple 2…. an amazing journey interspaced with the usual “I am leaving Apple” whinger’s over the years…. seems like another cross dressing windows 3.11 user who is now comfortable back in their correct outfit….. I wish you well…..

  31. You have to love this article. I own an Iphone and Ipad. I am this guy not the old lady “Today all apple products are produced for Business men wearing suites and old Ladys with limited technical know how.” I am so proud of him for seeing the light. They give you no control. I bought my Ipad and had an error downloading IOS6 for it. They don’t give you good instructions my Ipad locked up and had this problem just an Apple and USB cable on the screen with no directions off to the Apple store for an hour. I would never update my Iphone because I use it to drive and navigate. The Kool Aid drinkers are waking up. Your not cool everyone at the coffee shop has what you have now. Your just like Rush Limbaugh. He loves the Apple Ecosystem. I sell insurance for a living and my boss who is old loves Apple. Insurance and Apple cutting edge. I will be on a Windows or Google Platform next. They (JOBS) control everything. I hate control they are like the clingy girlfriend that tells you who you can go out with at night. Give me clunky software at least I have some control. Google has still sold more phones. They are number 2. Have fun with that new charger your master required it!!!

  32. You are as bitter as the Apple you see. “I challenge anyone to read that and not conclude you’re bitter, chippy and, frankly, a little unpleasant.” well, your article says that about you too. You may be right about some aspects of this new Apple but hey, lets see the competitors…sometimes they are not even close. I’d rather have dodgy services like iTunes Match than having to fight with Windows Media Player…

    1. In Europe, next year is required that all mobile phones use micro-usb connector.
      All other brands are using it now, Apple just realize that they need to invent something better this year and next year.. (you know it!) ;)

  33. You have confirmed my fears about upgrading to IOS6 for my iphone, I love Google maps and they save me from getting lost fairly regularly, therefore a must-have for me!
    I’ve had a brief yet torrid affair with Apple, I bought myself a MacBook about 4 years ago while I was at design school and it has served me well and is still kicking along, I was considering upgrading but they don’t have any 17″ screens in their current line of laptop offerings. I prefer to do design on a Mac because it has a few advantages, but using a PC is almost as good and far more economical as well as easily upgradable. I use linux on the desktop too so I’m by no means married to M$ stuff, but I think that Mac prices are so much higher and they’re really not worth the extra money these days. Sad. I think I’ll be getting an Android phone next time around too.
    Thanks Apple, it was fun while it lasted.

  34. Well, here’s some old news from the other side. I purchased a HTC Hero in 01/2010. It was called Android phone of the year 2009 or something like that and was HTC flagship product at the time. It came with Android 1.6 I think and in june I received a message to start the OS upgrade to 2.1 from HTC.Wow, I thought-cool, it works OTA!

    Well, not that much cool in the end, because that was the last time I heard from them. Yes, HTC stopped producing official updates for their flagship product in June 2010, just 11 months after its debut, completely lacking support for Android 2.2, which finally made Android a useful peace of software, e.g. by allowing apps to be stored on SD card etc. Of course there are unofficial ROMs out there, but how many people in the world are willing to spend days rooting and installing ROMs and how many of them possess the know-how and courage to do it?

    Hell of the ecosystem and platform, oh, yeah…In the meantime, Android improved very much, that is a fact, but please don’t, I mean sincerely don’t talk about correctness and fairness of it’s manufacturers. Not to mention resale value, which is twice higher for my wife’s 3GS than for my Hero. And those phones costed the same.

  35. Ed, reasons to leave or to join a team are multiple and often subjective, change is good and refreshing, enjoy your journey.

  36. Most people don’t know but.. Neonode had the first touch phone in the market.. Apple never invented nothing, they just have the power to fool lots of people…

  37. Left apple also….had a iphone since they first came out…. I thought the five was gonna be way better but its pretty much the same thing….git a galaxy now

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  39. If you don’t like windows (and who can blame you) use Ubuntu instead. No seriously. It’s been years in development slowly iterating quality and polish and it might just surprise you.

    1. Martin, do you use Ubuntu? You people trying to advertise that Linux distro will have to start eating your own dog food before anyone takes you seriously. And this is a friendly piece of advice.

    2. I’ve been using Ubuntu for years (since version 5.04 if I’m not mistaken – that came out in 2005).
      If your hardware is supported, it just works like a charm. If not – you better go for an alternative if you’re not geeky enough to solve those problems.

      I have something to compare with: I was using Windows since 3.11 all the way to XP, in 2004 I started playing with Linux, in 2005 I removed Windows from my home computer since it was just holding space on my hard drive without being used, at the same time I’ve been using Windows at work, now at work I use Mac and waiting for a Macbook to arrive :)

      So – yes, I’ve tried all kinds of dog food before giving advices. On certain hardware Ubuntu is great.

    3. Ubuntu is not cool anymore.
      And it’s not about hardware support, it’s more about Canonical attitude (and weird defaults).

      Luckily there are far more distros available.
      For a beginner I’d go with Chakra (despite being in beta, its desktop environment (KDE) is stable).
      And choose Arch Linux if you like adventures (and updated software availability).

  40. My reply to my friend who emailed me this article:

    You’re right that the article is garbage. I agree with all your points. iOS is constantly evolving so today’s criticisms are tomorrow’s bug fixes. That’s how it works. He knows this, but still he writes this rant. Why? (The answer is below.) And, he embellishes his arguments with some bullshit that he knows most readers won’t catch e.g. Skype is far superior to FaceTime? As a heavy user of both, I can tell you Skype is incredibly buggy and FaceTime is very dependable. He doesn’t know, because he hasn’t used them much. Tilt scrolling stopped working on Instapaper? Wow, that’s a very particular complaint. It’s also not Apple’s problem. He knows this. Instapaper and all quality apps update their apps for the new os every time there’s an os update. Probably fixed by now. So, why is this guy writing all this bullshit? He sounds like he should know better. Hmmm… I bet that post had a lot of current, trending keywords given the release of iPhone 5. That’s funny, he writes an economics blog. What is an iOS post doing there? See where I’m going here? He wrote this post purely to drive traffic to his economics blog in hopes of gaining readers. Google how to drive traffic to your blog, and you will find explicit recommendations to write controversial opinions on trending topics. That’s all this is. It’s a tiny scam for attention. So, this guy gained some readers and destroyed his credibility with some other readers. Will he be better off in the long run? Time will tell. Maybe.

    So… hey, I like economics [I take the bait], and I can keep an open mind. Maybe he brings thoughtful analysis to economics. I can give a guy a pass for indulging in some questionable self-promotion. After all, I like to fancy myself a bit of an amateur economist. Let’s see what he has to say when he’s writing on his site’s dedicated topic. Scroll down to random article… Opening line of post reads:

    “I’ve covered economics for a decade or so, but I confess that until very recently I didn’t really know what GDP really is. ”

    Ok, I guess I don’t need to hear what he has to say about economics. He probably should have kept that confession to himself. He’s covered economics for a “decade or so” (appropriately vague just like a real economist) without knowing what GDP is. Remarkable. Oh, but wait. Maybe he does know about GDP, but only recently has he had such a deep and profound revelation about the true nature and full implications of the concept. Possible, but I’m not going to read the rest of the post to find out for sure.

    Ok, that was fun. I feel a little better about myself. Thank you. So, how’d you find that article anyway?


    1. hell ya! also seems like a bit of a samsung stunt.

      this does however brush over some things that are sadly true. more than anything, apple without steve (or some other visionary) means less innovation. we can probably argue that the best minds work for this brand, and they are loyal to it, they will continue to recruit and train the best there is out there…. but it takes a certain kind of leader that can see past the noise. someone with complementary contradictions (something along the lines of an artist engineer or thereabouts). this is not tim cook.

      what i used to love about apple, way back when, pre intel, it was all in-house. apple engineered, and/or took charge of the components. and now, i still pay the premium, but i used to feel it was much more worth it…

      it is interesting how disheartened ed notes that apple does not innovate… who said apple was reinventing the wheel? i’ld say they perfected it…. they continue to… i hope apple continues to lead…. a decade ago i used to hope they would merge with google (i still kinda do hope so), but mostly, i hope tim hands down the crown to some reincarnation of steve soon enough.

    2. Thanks a lot, Ben. I enjoyed reading and re-reading your reply. You voiced my thoughts in a remarkable way. Btw, do you write a blog?

    1. My friend bought a iPhone 5 and I had a good look at it. As a nexus user on Android 4.1.2 I wasn’t impressed the slightest. It made me realize people who buy into the iPhone hype are pretty clueless about technology in general. They know nothing of the alternative and don’t want to know. Choice is a hard thing to handle for most consumers so they buy what everyone else as clueless as them buys. Unfortunately the iPhone has become so popular they can now be excused by dismissing innovation and suing those who actually innovate. Hopefully Apple doesn’t become a cancer for the industry… let’s hope they keep innovating so that competition remains a positive factor for more innovation by the other players.

    2. @JonJon: “It made me realize people who buy into the iPhone hype are pretty clueless about technology in general. They know nothing of the alternative and don’t want to know. Choice is a hard thing to handle for most consumers so they buy what everyone else as clueless as them buys.”

      Oh, and there I thought that the point of a capitalist system was for competition to ensure there are choices for consumers to pick from. Little did I realise that any choice other than what YOU think is the right one is obviously wrong and clueless.

      Seriously, this fanboy nonsense is bloody ridiculous. People make choices, and just because they’re different from yours doesn’t make them ‘clueless’.

    3. Choices are made when you know your options inside out. If you just pick what’s “hot” based on your entourage and what the marketing hype makes you buy into, you’re not making a real choice. We don’t say dumb consumers for nothing…
      Now if you look around, why would you buy an iphone. Let’s see and pick one product for comparison.. The Nexus 4 has superior specs and cost 299 to 349, and gets the latest Android updates before any other device…. Google doesn’t make any money selling the Nexus line anymore, they either just break even or lose money at that price point… IF they can afford to do that, all the better for the consumer, they get a 600$ high end device for half the price.
      My point is, think, compare, test, do your homework, then make your choice… don’t buy into the hype! This applies to anything in life. When you realize that you do indeed realize 85% of people are incapable of critical thinking. This is what allows companies like Apple to be so successful, or for that matter despicable politicians to win elections.
      Read this quote from John Sculley and you’ll understand how well Steve Job was able to execute on those ideas: “We talked a lot about how perception leads reality and how if you are going to create a reality you have to be able to create the perception… Steve loved those ideas…. It had to be done at such a high level of perception that it would sort of tease people to want to find out what the product is capable of.”

    4. “Now if you look around, why would you buy an iphone.”

      I’m sorry, but you still don’t get it. Just because you don’t see why anyone would buy an iPhone doesn’t mean that everyone who does is ‘a dumb consumer’. You’ve made a subjective assessment of the options available, and that does not make anyone else’s choices ‘dumb’ or mean that they are mindlessly following what’s ‘hot’.

      I don’t personally care what phone anyone else chooses to buy. I’ve made my choice, and if you are happy with yours, then great. I have no problem with someone else making a different choice to me.

      But spare me the judgemental bullsh!t of calling me a ‘dumb consumer’ for making a different choice than you.

    5. The Apple brand has become synonymous with quality, coolness, trendiness, individuality (think different), but in the end, it’s become a mirror of what characterize western civilization and especially northern american society: Conformity and uniformity of the highest order. I remember long time ago, being asked by our anthropology teacher, what is it that characterizes American society. Students were quick to answer individuality and freedom. The teacher had a different take on the question: High level of conformity and solitude were his shocking answer… Obviously when one has lived and experienced life outside the culture-less borders of north american society, these things become evident. Analogously, once you start exploring outside the closed door Apple ecosystem, your perception changes… In other words you awaken… It seems though, that Ted was able to awaken from pure dissatisfaction. This is no good sign for things to come for Apple.

  41. I think you need to visit an apple store and meet a genius to tell this long and boring complaint. He may give you a lightning cable as a gift.

  42. I’m not a tecky I’m just a user of apple everything’s, iPhone iMac MacBook, the list goes on but today I bought my first Samsung because as the first letter writer says I am also completely sick of apple and their bullshit tactics.
    So for me for and for what it’s worth as just a normal user, the original letter hits it on the head.
    However the second letter which was from M I think although I admit I didn’t read it all because he, for me, was the one just spouting bullshit, was completely missing the point as I see it and that is, diehard totally committed apple users, who just use them because they were easy to use and did what they were supposed to, are deserting because all they want is the product to work the way it should without all the constraints that apple are now weaving in when I buy something I want it to work the way I which I bought it for the purposes I want not to be downgraded because apple decide they can get more money by taking something out of a subsequent, and I use the term humorously “upgrade”
    sorry apple from a guy with no brains like me and a past user back to the quadra days I’m done to

  43. Oh bye the way, the way I read this article was also telling. Believe it or not I use some specific apps and software available from a 3rd party supplier, who after inquiring about when the software would be available for android, was told very soon as they also were sick and tired of apple, and the link was posted at the bottom of the email saying ominously “don’t be to upset we are not alone”

  44. Yes, Apple, as they say, is not what it used to be. But the problems of flimsy. No one is asking you to buy a new iPhone. The same iPhone 4 will live a few more years still.

    1. I want to stay at neutrality for such problem, but I prefer windows :) 위에있는 앱등이 새끼 짜져있어

  45. My translation of ‘Ed Conway’s Fathers’ comments :
    Good Bye~ idiots. Samsung’s president Gun-hee Lee is just playing golf and eat steak.
    Tim Cook really participate in the development.
    You just use cheap Android~_~.

  46. I’m telling you, you’ll regret it.
    Korean online media get money from Samsung and use your post to advertise Samsung.

  47. I’m sorry, I can’t help but agree with the article 100%. I was never an apple user, never owned their products because I only started using smartphones & tablets since last year but even a year ago, it was evidently clear that android OS and smartphones & tablets made by manufacturers other than Apple were clearly superior and this trend was to continue and it has. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that when Jobs passed away, company would as well – if you’re such an Apple lover, you should know a little bit about the company’s history, how it got made and busted, and made again with Job’s return. To put it in simple language, No Steve Jobs = No apple as we know it today. The company was all about one man’s vision that was Steve Jobs. How do you expect a tech company without its key innovator to succeed? Game was already over the moment Jobs left

  48. I had iPhone 3, and 4. I was freaking badly expecting iPhone 5 (or whatever name we thought they mighe be). But when it launched, I was bitterly disappinted.

    Not only its look – annoying and stuffy small size screen, compared to Samsung’s (and others’) giant screen; because of the bloody lighting thingy; it is catastrophically failed to deliver exsiting iPhone users’ expectation.

    110% agreed with Ed re this, and I am so glad that someone like Ed confronts Apple’s idiotic idea to sell more tiny Apple product over £20! That is simply breach of faith for milions of exsiting iPhone users, and godawful customer relation managment.

    I was driving down to Manchester to see a friend, with my iPhone 4 which updated to iOS 6 by mistake – I seriously hated myself and asked questions many times; why why why I have done this just before I started a road trip. Me and my partenr got lost over 2 hrs – Thanks to Apple, I wasnt even able to bring it back to iOS5. Not to mentioned, I had to spend hours with O2 tech team to get my 3G connection back, iOS6 is total disaster.

    So, yes, I have left Apple too. I am now with Galaxy Note 2.

    I didn’t get Sammy because I am a Korean. I am truly enjoying my new toy, surprised by its new rather innovated “featureS”. I have to admit that it is difficult to get used to with new OS and new phone, and mp3 player as I have been with Apple’s since 2004. But hey, I don’t doubt my intelligence; so now I am getting better with my new giant toy. So hey, Apple’s BFF; you should try something new too.

    Still miss iTues’ simple and easy way managing music; because Samsung’s Kies is just not good enough yet after all those years Sammy has built smartphones. But yet again; considering how much I was disappointing with new iPhone 5, iOS6, lost my time in middle of freaking nowhere, countless lawsuits with Samsung, Motolora and now Google…

    FFS, Apple; you have to stop this because it looks like you are too desperate to survive in this world with your billions of cash, not by innovation.

    Good bye Apple, you irritatingly incompetent and infuriatingly unhelpful bunch of twats.

  49. I can’t agree with you more. The replacement of Google Map by the iOS6 Map is really very aweful. I was let down when I need the find my way.

    HC from Hong Kong

    1. It seems like Apple stock is tumbling down since everyone wants to leave Apple, even some of the executives at the company. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs, he’s just a sales man good with logistics. That can’t replace a creative genius like Steve Jobs and each quarter it will become more and more obvious. Though I never liked the hype around Apple products, I do feel sorry for a company that was able to rise back from the ashes thanks to the return of its spiritual father, Steve Jobs… Now it’s all going down the drain..

  50. It seems Apple is repeating its previous fatal failure. Last time defeated by Microsoft. This time by Google and Samsung…etc. I have both 4S and Galaxy II LTE and I like Android more. Apple always forces me to use wi-fi when I was on the road and indeed I have a unlimited data plan that I should not be bothered with the wi-fi. The Chinese IME is absolutely lousy comparing with Samsung. It needs external battery – in Hong Kong, we call it “urine bag”. The proprietary SIM card cannot exchange with other phone…etc. Almost you name every bad thing and you cannot find it in Samsung except the voice quality is Samsung in worse than 4S and Sony.

    Galaxy Note was a success but Apple pretends to be cool and just came out a “long 4S” version – iPhone 5. If Apple produces its note version to combat with Samsung, I believe its die hard fans will follow. But I suspect many die hard fans are saying NO to iPhone anymore.

    ED, I look forward to hearing your Andriod phone experience.

  51. not perfect, but i really like the article. it speaks to the frustrations a lot of apple users have historically had with the company and, increasingly the products. apple has had a great moment in the sun but consumer-facing tech is littered with yesterday’s has-beens that have had theirs too. take a look at the stock – the market is telling you something, fanboys! :)
    i for one can’t wait to ditch my iphone. it’s become clear that apple offers a walled garden experience which is nice up to a point, but i’m ready to move on. aol (anyone ever heard of them?) was a walled garden too and it worked for a time until their subscribers started leaving in droves as credible alternatives came up. there are lessons to be learned from history but does anyone expect the fanboys to pay attention…nope!

    1. Well said… THough I would say Aol was much worse than Apple in that it was a dumb or beginner internet user walled garden, speaking to the lowest common denominator in our society… Actually, when one think about it, Apple has done the same thing for smartphone usage. You could very well say Apple products are designed for beginners and first generation “dumb” users, and there’s no better living proof of it than some of my friends.. Then of course you have the Apple logo, for which you pay extra, much the same way as you pay extra to get a Louis Vuitton bag. or for that matter a crappy Volcom jean..

  52. You missed a few things….

    – iOS 6 being so bloated that it won’t run on the iPad 1, which was Apple’s ONLY tablet a mere 1.5 years before the iOS 6 release. This matters because the iPad 1 is now only capable of running an obsolete version of Safari, which web developers won’t test against. Past experience shows that apps will soon stop working on iOS 5… that’s what happened with iOS 4. Apparently Apple expect users to replace their tablets more frequently than every 2 years. Screw them!
    – Thie iOS 4 update killing iPhone 3G performance, and then completely ignoring the issue and providing no downgrade path. The update made maps essentially unusable on that hardware; hardware which for many people was STILL UNDER CONTRACT!
    – Maps in iOS 6 not having transit. WTF?
    – Mountain Lion being sloooooooooooow on older hardware (e.g. 2008 iMacs). There’s no good reason why new OS releases should get slower; it’s pure laziness and lack of testing. Everyone used to slam Microsoft for bloat, for good reason, and now Apple are doing it.

    I used to be like Ed; everything was Apple. My G4 Power Mac lasted for 7 years. Every OS release improved. Stuff worked. Products were made to last. The rot set-in somewhere around 2008 I think. The company has obviously been overtaken by arrogance, hubris, and groupthink; it’s the only thing that explains the astoundingly bad decisions that have been coming out of Apple for a few years now.

    Unlike Ed, I am moving back to Windows. I voluntarily switched at work (we’re a mostly Mac web development shop, and some variation in developer machines is actually desirable). You know what? Windows 8 is as good as Mac OS in usability terms (some things are better, some are worse), and it consumes LESS RAM than Mountain Lion. My work machine is basically the hardware equivalent of my home iMac (Core 2 Duo, 4 Gigs RAM), and Windows 8 runs substantially faster. Same goes for Windows 7… and you know MS will support Windows 7 properly for a decade, because it’s now the standard enterprise standard platform.

    I trust MS to not break Windows with updates much much more than I trust Apple to not break Mac OS with updates. MS spend huge amounts of resources testing. Apple simply don’t care about breaking stuff.

    So it’s good-riddance Apple from me.

  53. See all of you! Apple rules! You can have Windoz 8, Windoz phone, and anything else MS wants to sell you. All my Apple products work and work well. I’ve been buying Apple since 1985. It only gets better and better.

    1. Thank you Joe M. Users like you keeps companies like Apple alive and kicking!
      Hey BTW i heard the next iPhone is going to be 0.0018 % thinner and 0.000176 % faster, and going to cost just $400 more!! I am super excited to buy it!

  54. If you don’t like apple then just don’t buy it… I don’t see none of you guys writing letters to all these other company’s for all the terrible things to you.. It’s plain and simple. Apple was not made to just suite one person!

    1. No, Apple was not made to suite one person but until now i didn’t realise they were specifically targeting illiterates, probably because all the cognisant people understand what they are doing and are leaving in droves; hence the monkeys

    2. Apple users state their likes and dislikes about the brand they love. Glueing the stuff shut is telling the consumer they are pure idiots and is a conclusion on what Apple is. Very sad for the people who really don’t want to leave and have loved their whole philosophy.
      This not not the apple we envisioned. Just a rotten to the core Apple now.

  55. Excellent post! I can’t believe I’m seriously considering leaving the apple brand. I’m soo dissapointed in apples current state.

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  58. Thank you. I stumbled upon this while I was seeking some way to get rid of as much Apple software/firmware on my iPhone as possible and replacing it with Google/Android programs. I have never owned a laptop made by Apple-sorry I’m sure that violated some protocol such as “Apple doesn’t make “laptops, they make………”. Whatever, keep it. I can get the same performance in a PC-with more alternatives-at 30% the price of a Lisa or whatever they are currently called.

    My disillusion began with iTunes. They have username/pw requirements that exceed the Dept. of Homeland Security’s. Why can’t I use the same password I used 10 months ago Tim (though it was under SJ aegis). Since I had to spend 3 hours coming up with a username & password that meets Apple’s criteria of having one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one Cyrillic letter, one rune, one uppercase number, one Roman numeral along with the restrictions of not being allowed to use any of the vowels in your family’s names, only sibilant “S”s, plus one month in the Gregorian calendar. This is important as iTunes is responsible for protecting valuable items like $.69 aurally toxic masterpieces by Kayne West.

    Of course this username/PW combination is only used for iTunes so I can’t possibly remember it when I try to log on the next time I’m stupid enough to want to use iTunes. If I get a reminder it sure is a relief to be able to use the same ludicrously difficult combination as before because that took a set of Encyclopedia to create. Oh shit…..that’s right, I can’t use it. I need to come up with another one and it needs to be one that I have never used or even thought of in the past 2 decades. Of course, no names or normal mnemonic devices can be used so I always wind up trying to use, “Whydoesapplesuck”, oops…no number. Okay so I’ll try “Appleis#1paininass” or something. Now this process snowballs because if I couldn’t remember the 1st ridiculously complex combo, I’ll never remember this-and so on with 3rd, 4th, 5th until I reach the point where I’m searching the internet for a way to replace as much Apple software on my iPhone as possible and come across this brilliant “Dear Jobs” letter. Thanks so much.

  59. Just tried to burn a dvd for the first time in over a year. Guess what? No iDVD. They got rid of it. Wanted to share some of my work with my 73 year old father. He doesn’t have a computer, and his microwave is blinking 12:00, I’d bet my life on it. (He still records on a Tascam reel to reel). iDVD came with my ’08 MBP what gives? In the past I would cook up a dvd and we would talk about it on the phone. So many great conversations. He lives 2K miles away so it was a real convenience to put a dvd in the mail and know all he had to do was put it in his TV. Yes, his TV has the dvd player integrated. It’s way easy for him and me. So, with iMovie I can export movies to the web (just perfect for someone stuck in the analog age), but I can’t make a hard copy for a guy that doesn’t know an ethernet cable from a usb. Real cool Apple. This is the last straw for me. First the grid view for artists in iTunes, and now this. I’m not sticking around for strike three.


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  62. I have been a Mac/Apple Slave since the 80’s. They have never delivered on their promises of software or hardware. IMHO they have lied through their teeth from the first Mac until now on everything they produce.

    They of course blame everything on their sucker consumers. Why am I among that rank of suckers? Because until recently the only reliable video architecture was Mac.

    The fact is that there are a lot of marketing myths that were Jobs inspired. The Mac doesn’t crash? LOL no it just freezes… several times per day. Apple software is buggy and despite decades of existence it never improves. I have four macs with different generations of OS from 10.5 to current. Safari for example crashes on each of them, several times per day each! Their video editing software FCP has never worked and now their mass market FCP X is so buggy professionals will not use it.

    Now they’ve come out with a super fast desk top in the E5 that is supposed to be fast enough to cut 4K video but in fact is installed with maverick which will not permit 4K frequencies. The continuing process of Mac/Apple Bull is creating a situation where the Mac cool-aid drinkers are waking up and taking off.

    So now that the PC world is reliably cutting 2K I’m out. My next systems will all be Windows and Media Composer. As far as the iPhone and tablets are concerned Samsung is way better anyway.

  63. apple makes me want to grab my gauge and shoot up the apple store ….,can’t wait to buy samsung and just have everything work….. windows n shit…. ooh yeah..

  64. would have converted to windows long before if i didn’t have so much home made Jason Bourne on me phone n that… its only the Jason what kept me with this unbearable pencil neck shite……. fukkin curl up n die apple geeks.

  65. I love you for writing this post, I’m 19 and I’ve been an apple enthusiast for around 5 years now. I bought the 1st iPhone, the old white macbook, an iPod, an iPad, and finally a macbook pro which I bought a year ago(would have bought more products if I could, but we all know how parents are). I literally made my friends and family convert to macs and iPhones. A while after getting my macbook pro apple changed the AMAZING 3D’ish safari top site view into a crappy square with a shadow view; they changed the cool image history search into a boring text one, seriously going downhill. That made me regret buying my laptop, cuz I was already pissed about the fact that they changed the chargers into the lighting/lightning whatever thingy. After that, I updated my iOS into maverix & I’m currently in hell you could say. I mean what the hell? This f*****g window pops-up EVERY SINGLE DAY trying to get me to update stuff, never ending stuff. Worst part is, the options you get when this page pops-up is among the lines of “remind me in an hour”, and “remind me tomorrow” being the latest date to delay the message. There is no “NEVER FREAKING BOTHER ME AGAIN FOR GODS SAKE” option. I’m seriously hating on this company, I think I might just convert my OS to Linux, or wait until graduation and buy a new windows 7 or whatever newer update (just not 8 plz) and install linux on a Dell or something…

    1. You could not have updated your iOS to Mavericks as Mavericks is a version of OS X. If you have pop ups occurring go into Safari Preferances then to Security and check “Block pop-up windows” or you have probably installed crapware and infected your OS with a bug. Typical novice move. Reformat, reinstall the OS and then install your programs from scratch.

  66. I think I won’t buy apple products anymore. I bought a mac book pro three months ago. And yesterday, the screen did not work anymore. Went to the apple authorized repair shop, and they say there is something wrong with the screen, but needed run test for detailed information and I am on a waiting list for one to two and half weeks. I used other products before, and never have this problem. My first computer is lenovo,and my second is Toshiba. The lenovo needs a repair after three years of use, while the Toshiba which is five years old, has never had any issues that require a repair. I am not rush person and exercise enough care for my products. I bought an unlocked iphone two days ago. I think I will return my iphone for I have no confident in Apple products anymore.

  67. I was very happy with everything from Apple until I moved from OS X 10.4 to 10.6 and the iMac refused to talk to my first my first generation iPod any more. But my iPod was on its last legs, so it was not a big issue.

    When Mac OS X went from 10.6.8 to 10.7 I did not “upgrade”. No way was I going to spend a fortune on new Intel versions of software just to continue doing what I could already do perfectly well. Or rather to almost keep doing what I already did … because as well as the many annoying changes in application behaviour they took away my favourite productivity tool … Spaces.

    It would not have been so bad if not for the strenuous efforts Apple made to prevent me from running 10.6.8 in an emulator, or to run it on later versions of their hardware.

    Why didn’t they just put the security enhancements in to 10.6.8b (better implemented please) and then fix the bugs and annoyances in iTunes and Mail (instead of pratting around with changes to the interfaces)?

    I feel that those of us that bought Macs in the early days of OS/X (Wow – Unix under the hood, with a better interface than X-Windows and no painful Sysadmin to do), and probably saved the company (I think the share price was down in single figures back then) have not been treated well.

    I used to tell everyone that was fed up of their Windows machines to get a Mac. “They just work”. Well that is still true, but they are not as useful as they used to be, and you cannot trust Apple to keep producing software that is capable of accessing your old data, or of producing hardware that will run older programs that could.

    As for me, I’ll be doing what should have done at the turn of the century when I stopped using Windows at home. That is moving to Linux.

  68. I’ve been using Apple products for 30 years (as of two days ago) and should I be lucky enough to become sufficiently rich to afford to run a smart phone I’d be buying an iPhone. I don’t know who created the software for my non-smart Nokia, but I’d put him against a wall and shoot him if it wasn’t breaking the law.

    1. You are my kind of Apple fan, Laraine! If I knew you and where you are I would help you buy that new iPhone!

  69. The Macbook Pro I had for 2 years was amazing, hardware-wise. I7. 512GB pcie drive. 16GB of RAM, great battery life, and what my fellows at work coveted every single time I went to meetings.

    I was sickly reluctant to sell it. It was so cool looking. Very light to carry around. Didn’t have a scratch on it. Then I started thinking about how the OK and Cancel buttons were perfectly opposite to my Windows desktop machine at work. I began to recall how every folder you open, opens in a stupid window of its own. I thought about how none of my favorite games work; how none of my 3d modelling tools work either. Not without a bunch of over-heating, faulty fan-controlled w7 Bootcamping. And finally, I remember how Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were ONCE good buddies. With all that reflected, I realized the truth.

    I felt much better about selling it, after that.

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